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‘Deadpool 3’: Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kapicic to return as Vanessa, Colossus

Stills from ‘Deadpool’

Stills from ‘Deadpool’
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Hollywood actors Morena Baccarin and Stefan Kapicic are all set to reprise their roles of Vanessa and Colossus once again in the sequel of Ryan Reynolds starrer film Deadpool. According to Deadline, Reynolds recently announced Karan Soni and Leslie Uggams would return as Dopinder and Blind Al, who like Vanessa and Colossus appeared in the first two films.

Helmed by Shwan Levy, the Ryan Reynolds starrer comedy action film will also revive Hugh Jackman’s much-popular character Wolverine from the X-Men. According to Variety, this will be the first Deadpool project made since the intellectual property went to Disney in its acquisition of 20th Century Fox. All creatives involved insist the film will retain its extreme violence and raunchy tone, as well a hard R-rating.

Levy last year said, “It is such a blast to laugh every day. It is so delicious to hear and write and come up with these scenes where people are just talking foul. And the violence is in your face and hardcore, and it’s very much a Deadpool movie,” Variety reported.

The Deadpool films have been huge commercial hits and stand as the top-grossing X-Men titles of all time, with each generating more than USD780 million at the global box office.The official release date of Deadpool 3 is still awaited.

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