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Neuberg Diagnostics enters Mumbai market

Neuberg Diagnostics, a pathology laboratory chain, has entered the Mumbai market with an estimated investment of ₹100 crore, its chairman GSK Velu said.

The company, with more than 200 labs and over 2,000 collection centres and having a presence in India, South Africa, UAE, and the USA, has announced the opening of three regional reference laboratories and Centre of Excellence for Oncopathology at Dahisar, Chembur, and Vidyavihar, in Mumbai, eyeing significant presence in the city

The laboratories were recently inaugurated by Maharashtra deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis virtually.

“Though we have dominant position in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, the state of Maharashtra is of strategic importance for us. Since we are focusing on advanced diagnostics, coming to Mumbai was essential because the city is the hub of pathology,” Dr. Velu said.

He said he was looking for more partnerships (investment in existing labs) to grow his business in the city.

It was Mumbai from where Dr. Velu had started his major entrepreneurial journey in 1998 as managing director of a pathological lab company.

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