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Metallic tiles, a 2023 bathroom trend

The average person spends about 30 minutes in the bathroom each day, amounting to more than 182 hours per year. A detailed graphic by  Daily Infographic reveals that men, on an average, spend about 855.8 days of their lives in the bathroom, and women about 770.8 days. To make the setting more than just utilitarian, check out these top bathroom trends of 2023.

Elegant lighting

Good lighting in the bathroom means more comfort. Analyse the space, splitting it into zones such as the vanity, the shower, the toilet, and the bathtub. The vanity needs task lighting and can translate into spotlights or LEDs in vertical rows down the side of mirrors. Mirrored, backlit cabinets work well on the walls as do pretty pendants above the bath. “Varied ambience can be created in functional space by using a variety of lighting options such as chandeliers, sconces, and recessed lighting. Dimmer switches help in controlling the lights to create an array of moods,” says Ekant Singh, founder of Page 2813, a furniture design company.

Focus on flooring

The main reason for making a choice when it comes to bathroom flooring is water. There’s no way to get around it, which means the materials used need to be chosen smartly. Apart from tiles, the use of natural stones like marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and slate is also being seen. Singh says hardwood flooring is a great option, “but it requires care so that it doesn’t warp and get damaged from moisture. An alternative to this is engineered hardwood that are moisture-resistant”. He adds that in colder regions heated floors are also trending as a luxurious feature, and can be installed with electric or hydronic systems.

Backlit mirrors

Mirrors have got a facelift with the addition of lighting. A backlit mirror, available in different shapes, sizes, and styles, offers complete illumination and highlights the entire face with clear, even light. “These chic mirrors look good, and make you feel like a star,” says Rohan Datta, a Kolkata-based interior designer, who heads the firm InStyle. He adds that most use LED lighting, which uses lesser electricity and last for thousands of hours. “This translates into energy savings, cost efficiency, and a reduction in your carbon footprint,” he adds.

Soft and shiny accents

These can elevate the look and feel of a bathroom in the same manner that shiny stainless steel appliances upgrade an old kitchen. Hardware and fixtures play an important role, and can be transformed by using metal — steel, gold, silver, copper, or brass. Be it faucets and showerheads or cabinet pulls and artwork, metals work everywhere. “Metal tiles are also trending and can be used in the shower stall, for the backsplash, or behind the mirror. Soft metallics are in as are shiny ones, depending on what works for your space. You can also mix metals,” Datta suggests.

Beautiful bathtubs

When it comes to unwinding, nothing works better than a soak in a bubble-filled tub. Many homeowners are remodelling to amp up bathroom space and fit in a bathtub, be it free-standing, built-in, back-to-wall, or corner versions. The choices are many: simple, streamlined, and straight lines, or organic, smooth and gentle curves. Materials such as acrylic, fibreglass, or cast iron are often used and create a luxurious look. “Many include features like built-in heating and jets for a spa-like experience,” Singh says.

Smart storage

Morning ablutions and makeup in the a.m. Shower/soak in the p.m. Your bathroom changes functions with you, which is why this room — probably among the smallest in the home — also needs its share of storage. Getting a place to stash your home wear, towels, napkins, makeup, and toiletries works well for you. “The best type of storage is either cupboards or drawers, or a combination of both. Apart from that, add an under-sink cabinet for cleaning supplies. Use the vertical dimension to install baskets, tiered organisers, or open shelving so you can grab whatever you need,” Datta says.

Powder rooms

These originated in noble courts as a dedicated space for freshening wigs, “with live birds and tonnes of powder”, according to historian R Grant Gilmore III. But powder rooms — sans the powder — have since then become common in homes that see plenty of guest turnover. “Without showers or tubs, most powder rooms lend themselves well to standout designs. A powder room, and what you put in it, is what your guests see, so the use of more luxurious materials is common. Patterned wallpaper, modern mirrors, bold vanities, statement lighting, vibrant colours — the idea is to maximise this space,” Datta says.

Potted plants

Plants are a welcome addition to any room, and are increasingly making an appearance in the humble bathroom. The benefits are numerous: bringing in greenery, purifying air, reducing bacteria, and absorbing extra moisture. Choose a plant that can cope with the high humidity of a bathroom and consider sunlight so that it thrives. Philodendrons, spider plants, aloe vera, English ivy, snake plants, devil’s ivy, and pothos (the humble money plant) do well in bathroom settings.

Singh says spacious bathrooms frequently serve as a zen area to do chanting. “So, bathrooms are revamped to create Japanese-style seating for individual and couple chant activities. Incorporating natural light, artwork, and plants creates a serene concept-based area,” he says, adding that the bathroom no longer has to make do with “last-minute design choices”. The bathroom has now come into its own!

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