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Letters to The Editor — March 27, 2023

Disqualification case

The Editorial, “Chilling effect” (March 25), is a reminder of the impunity with which democratic and constitutional values are being trampled on. The Prime Minister ought not to forget that he is under oath to ensure transparency. “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.”

P.K. Sharma,

Barnala, Punjab

The events around the disqualification of the MP make one wonder whether there was an orchestrated move to teach this Opposition leader a lesson after his campaign to highlight an alleged Adani-government nexus. The disproportionate nature of the punishment and the scope of misuse by using the lower judiciary in getting at critics of the establishment and powerful corporates have rendered continuance of provisions for criminal defamation in the statute untenable.

Manohar Alembath

Kannur, Kerala

I disagree with some of the lines in the Editorial. Should not democracy get more and more civilised as the days go by?

Why should the right to mud-sling be taken for granted in a democracy? How is using unparliamentary words and phrases to portray someone in a bad light without a shred of evidence an integral part of democratic functioning?

Of course there is no defamation so long as the person purportedly defamed does not feel defamed. But I feel that this does not give the licence to the abuser the right to abuse another.

Athulya M.,


Agitated Congressmen and women must necessarily consider that they are protesting against a court verdict. A close reading of their charge that Mr. Gandhi has been politically victimised cannot be countenanced since they do not assert that what he said was most derogatory. While the Surat court had convicted him for his outburst, the conviction that has followed cannot be faulted. The protesters seem to suggest that the former Wayanad Member of Parliament cannot be criminally hauled up even if he is found guilty.

V. Lakshmanan,

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Maiden boxing titles

Nitu Ghanghas and Saweety Boora have etched their names in Indian boxing history (‘Sport’ page, March 26). This victory will certainly inspire many India girls to take up boxing.

P. Victor Selvaraj,

Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu

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