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Mint Explainer: Why Marcon’s pension reforms have sparked protests across France

France has seen weeks of steadily escalating tensions as President Emmanuel Macron’s government has attempted to push through reform of the national pension system. These reforms have proved deeply controversial, with some seeing them as a blow to the French welfare state. With widespread protests breaking out and Macron’s political position under threat, Mint breaks down the controversy.

  • At the heart of the controversy lies France’s expansive pensions and welfare system. The country has long prided itself on its ability to provide for retirees through generous social protection measures.
  • However, France’s pensions system is also notoriously complicated. For one, it’s split into 42 sections based on economic sectors. President Macron’s case is that the system is also too expensive. As the country ages, some have argued that a multibillion-dollar hole is likely to open up as the working population shrinks and the number of retirees drawing pensions grows.
  • For precisely this reason, a number of French leaders have tried to reform the country’s welfare system but with limited success. Macron himself attempted to simplify the pensions regime in 2019 but ended up stoking the largest protests seen in France since 1968.
  • His latest attempt has proved equally controversial. Macron’s reforms will raise France’s retirement age from 62 to 64 and will also pare back benefits for some public-sector workers.
  • While the content of the reforms is controversial, so is Macron’s governing style. He is seen as impatient, obstinate and haughty by much of the French public. This image was reinforced when he pushed his reforms through without a vote in parliament.
  • Strikes and protests have swept the nation in response. France’s powerful unions have opposed Macron’s moves and numerous public sector unions have gone on strike. Well over a million protestors have taken to the streets in protest.
  • Protestors have been violent in several places. Public property has been vandalised and the door of the city hall in Bordeaux set on fire. The police crackdown has also been severe, with many accusing security forces of using excessive force.
  • Numerous polls suggest that the French public is broadly sympathetic to the concerns of the protestors. However, in a move that has reinforced his imperious image, Macron has dug his heels in and refused to shelve the reforms.
  • The protests have also had foreign-policy repercussions. King Charles of Britain cancelled his visit to France in view of the chaos and division gripping the nation.

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