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Letters to The Editor — March 28, 2023

‘Politics of elimination’

The conviction of the now former Member of Parliament from Wayanad, Kerala, Rahul Gandhi, and his disqualification from Parliament are bound to raise eyebrows especially as far as the common man is concerned. Conviction and sentencing for defamation followed in quick succession by disqualification are strong indicators of an intolerant system and are signs of dictatorship. Undoubtedly, the law provides for disqualification but there is a constitutional way of doing things which is the hallmark of a healthy democracy. Remedial action has to be taken immediately so that the ‘politics of elimination’ is avoided and is put on an even keel.

N.G.R. Prasad,


The conviction of Mr. Gandhi cannot be viewed in a manner the Congress wants everyone to perceive it (Page 1, “Cong. holds satyagraha; MPs, MLAs to wear black today”, March 27). On the contrary, the conviction is a result of a party member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who foresaw potential conviction in the utterances of Mr. Gandhi. It is not clear how many such complaints were filed against BJP leaders for their speeches in the past, at least after 2019, by Congress party members. If they did so, this is the time for the details to surface. Instead, a disproportionate reaction now against the verdict may be counterproductive for the Grand Old Party.

A. Venkatasubramanian,

Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu


The passing of the Malayalam actor, Innocent, has created a void that can never be filled (Inside pages, March 27). His style was inimitable and his outstanding performances made him one of the finest character actors in Indian cinema. As a natural actor, he gave life to some of the most loved characterisations in Malayalam cinema. He was (and is) truly an evergreen star, an idol irreplaceable and one whom the film world and film buffs will always remember forever and ever.

M. Pradyu,

Thalikavu, Kannur, Kerala

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