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Letters to the Editor — March 30, 2023

‘Conspiracies by forces’

It is a matter of serious concern that there are “conspiracies” to undermine the constitutional institutions of our country, especially by outside forces, as asserted by the Prime Minister (Page 1, March 29). Hence, it is imperative for the government to speedily allocate enough investigative resources to thoroughly unravel those “conspiracies” at the earliest. As the chair of the G-20 this year, and the “mother of democracy” forever, our country cannot shy away from its responsibility of going after those outside forces — which allegedly want to destabilise our constitutional institutions.

A. Venkatasubramanian,

Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu

Had the Prime Minister named those ‘forces’, he would have been forthright. A vast majority of people who have been subjected to raids and inquiries by investigating agencies are opposed to the BJP. Does it mean that the conduct of all those associated with the BJP has been above board and lily-white? There are grounds and reasons to believe that the investigating agencies have been adopting a kid-gloves approach to those who are supporters or empathisers of the ruling party at the Centre. If the agencies have been enjoying functional freedom and independence, the stories of their investigations would have been different.

C.G. Kuriakose,

Kothamangalam, Kerala

Parliamentary business

That Parliament has not been functioning on account of the pandemonium that has been prevailing for a while is mainly due to the irresponsible and egoistic attitude of the Members. That some key Bills have been passed unanimously without any discussions on its merits or demerits is upsetting. Members should earnestly realise that they enjoy perks and other various benefits that flow from tax-payer money, and it is unbecoming of them to not carry out any business. There has to be decency and decorum.

P.S. Rajagopalan,


Bone of contention

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi writes that dogs become aggressive when they perceive a threat (‘Opinion’ page, “Understanding the street dogs-human conflict”, March 29). This is a half-truth. Fear-based aggression is not the only form of aggression dogs show. Predatory aggression, which makes them attack beings that they perceive as prey, is also common. Infants, even those sleeping, have been attacked by dogs.

G.L. Krishna,


The writer bats in favour of dogs. Our long human experience also shows that a dog in the home can turn from friend to foe when its home is the street. A hungry dog is a dangerous animal . So, the best solution is to keep dogs in the homes of their owners. The solution is simple, practical and very honourable as far as our canine friends are concerned. It also requires no budget. The money saved can be used to better the lives of humans who have no shelter.

Matthew Adukanil,

Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu

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