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Camp night for world earth day

Woods@Shamshabad in Hyderabad will celebrate World Earth Day on Saturday evening with an overnight weekend stay. Tree planting and a photography exhibition celebrate Nature at this event organised by Ariko Cafe and Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP). 

Here, the camping night starts at 7pm on Saturday and ends on Sunday at 11.30am. As the event coincides with Eid in Hyderabad, traditional dishes on the menu will include biryani, kebabs and sheer korma

Woods@Shamshabad has an 18-acre Miyawaki forest touted to be the country’s largest. The tree-planting activity seeks to support the Miyawaki forest. In tune with the Miyawaki forest method, participants will plant native trees including Marri, Vepa, Raavi, Sithaphal, Ramphal, Nallathumma etc to restore the local ecosystem.  

Also, 50 photographers from HBP will exhibit their photos of animals and birds captured in their natural habitat. Photographer Sriram Reddy says, “The exhibition is planned in the open, in a beautiful mango grove. We will use of frames and the trees to exhibit the photos.”  

Spokesperson of Ariko cafe Sharath Kumar Gattu, says the tree plantation drive will teach campers the importance of trees. “The campsite is full of trees and they will enjoy the space in its natural beauty only because of the Miyawaki forest. We have also released a video where a child who camped here made a beautiful observation about the trees and birds.” 

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