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Watch | What makes ‘Marthandam honey’ special?

Watch | What makes ‘Marthandam Honey’ special?

| Video Credit:
A. Shaikmohideen

In the heart of Kanniyakumari district in Tamil Nadu lies Marthandam, also known as the ‘honey capital’. Here, the Marthandam Beekeepers Co-operative Society produces Marthandam Honey, which recently earned a Geographical Indication tag, or a GI tag.

Each year, Marthandam produces about 6 lakh kg of honey. It’s a thick, organic honey packed with natural enzymes, antioxidants, and plant nutrition.

With bee pollen and propolis, it’s rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle. This honey is raw and unprocessed, so it retains its nutritious value. Its slightly acidic nature prevents bacterial growth, ensuring its purity.

And it has a long shelf life of 18 months.

The beekeepers of Marthandam use traditional and manual methods. They carefully maintain Marthandam hives, strategically placed near abundant forests and floral treasures.

 When the time is right, the beekeepers harvest the honey frames, gently removing the wax caps. The honey is then extracted using centrifugal force, ensuring the comb remains intact. The extracted honey is stored in wax-coated drums for several months, allowing it to naturally filter and develop its distinctive characteristics.

After thorough filtration, it undergoes rigorous quality checks before being AGMARK certified. Finally, the honey is poured into glass bottles, then sealed and packed.

Reporting: Sangeetha Kandavel

Production: Shibu Narayan

Videos: Shaikmohideen A

Voiceover: Yuvasree S.

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