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Delhi ordinance bill passed in Lok Sabha by voice vote

The Lok Sabha Thursday passes the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill-2023 to replace services ordinance by voice vote. The bill was passed after a nearly four-hour-long debate in the Lok Sabha which was replied to by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The bill empowers the Central Government to make rules in connection with the affairs of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi including the functions, terms and other conditions of service of officers and employees.

The Delhi ordinance bill will replace the May 19 Ordinance promulgated by the Centre for control of services in Delhi. The ordinance was promulgated days after the Supreme Court had ruled that Delhi’s elected government has control over services except in matters of law and order, police and land.

Initiating the debate on Delhi ordinance bill in Lok Sabha, the Union Home Minister made it clear that the central government has the power to make laws on Union territories and Delhi, being a Union Territory, the Centre enjoys full rights to make rules also.

“Services have always been with the Central government. Supreme Court gave an interpretation…From 1993 to 2015 no Chief Minister fought. There were no fights because whichever govt was formed their aim was to serve the people. There is no need to fight, if there is a need to serve. But if they want power they will fight…”, Shah said during the debate on the bill in the Lok Sabha.

Shah criticised the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi and said the BJP and the Congress had ruled the national capital without any confrontation, but problems arose only in 2015 when a government came that had no intention to serve but only to fight with the Centre.

“Today India is witnessing the dual face of opposition. For them, the bills for public welfare are not important. To ensure a small party does not leave their alliance, they have joined forces”, Shah tweeted after the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha.

As the House debated on the bill, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said earlier in the day that Shah did not have a single valid argument in favour of bringing the bill, and asserted that the opposition bloc INDIA will never let it happen. This is a bill to enslave people of the national capital, he further added.

Criticising the move, Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi,”BJP has promised time and again to grant full statehood to Delhi. In 2014, Modiji had said he will accord complete statehood to Delhi on becoming prime minister. Today, these people stabbed Delhi in the back. Don’t trust Modiji’s words in the future”.

The Delhi chief minister said in a tweet in Hindi “Today I heard Amit Shah ji speaking in Lok Sabha on the bill which snatches away the rights of the people of Delhi. They do not have a single valid argument to support the bill… They also know that they are doing wrong. This bill is a bill to enslave the people of Delhi. This is a bill that makes them helpless and helpless. INDIA will never let this happen.”

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