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Jio can deploy 5G cell every 10 seconds, deployed 85% 5G network in India: Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani. File

Akash Ambani. File
| Photo Credit: The Hindu

“Telecom major Reliance Jio has deployed 85% 5G network in India and has the capability to deploy one 5G cell in every 10 seconds,” the company’s Chairman Akash Ambani said.

According to a statement released by broadband speed and quality measurement firm Ookla, the Reliance Jio chairman said the company has covered the entire country with a 5G network ahead of the promised time frame of December 2023.

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“I am particularly proud of our speed of the committed True 5G roll-out. Today, we have covered the entire country with a robust True 5G network ahead of our promised time frame of December 2023. Eighty five per cent of the entire 5G deployment in India is made by Jio. We continue to deploy one 5G cell every 10 seconds,” Mr. Ambani said.

According to the Department of Telecom, more than 3.38 lakh base stations for 5G have been deployed across the country.

“Over the past seven years, we’ve set several global benchmarks, propelling India into digital prominence. Today, our ambitions are even higher, and our faith in India’s digital future is as strong as ever. We remain fully committed to achieving the full potential of a digital India, and to help India become a leader on the global stage,” Mr. Ambani said.

Ookla on Sunday said Jio has emerged as the number one network in India, winning all nine Speedtest awards presented by Ookla for mobile networks in the market, including all awards for 5G networks.

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“Jio has emerged as the #1 Network in India, winning all nine awards for Mobile Networks in the market, including all awards for 5G networks. This is a first for any service provider anywhere in the world,” Ookla said.

“Jio won awards for the best mobile network, fastest mobile network, best mobile coverage, top-rated mobile network, best mobile video experience, best mobile gaming experience, fastest 5G mobile network, best 5G mobile video experience, and best 5G mobile gaming experience,” Ookla said.

“We are pleased to recognise Jio’s efforts in providing the best customer experience in speed, video, and gaming to their customers. These awards and this recognition makes them the most awarded network in India, reaffirming Jio’s ambition to offer the best-in-class network to their consumers,” Ookla President and CEO Stephen Bye said.

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