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‘What can you expect?’: Ashok Gehlot as PM Modi calls Rahul Gandhi ‘moorkhon ke sardar’

Congress leader Ashok Gehlot on 15 November criticized PM Narendra Modi for calling Rahul Gandhi ‘moorkhon ke sardar’ calling it unfortunate, adding that it lowers the dignity of the Prime Minister’s post.

During a press conference, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said, “It is very unfortunate. The Prime Minister’s post holds dignity…The more it is criticised, the less it is. If a man holds a position of dignity but says things like this, what can you expect from him?…”


His comments came after PM Modi on Tuesday mocked Congress MP Rahul Gandhi calling him “moorkhon ke sardar” over his remarks on China-made mobile phones.

Apart from Rajasthan CM, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel said, “He has verbally abused public, verbally abused our leader. PM Modi has become so arrogant that he doesn’t consider anyone before him. Ye ahankar Ravan ka nahi raha toh Modi ka ye ahankar kahan tikega?”

Shiv Sena’s UBT MP Sanjay Raut also commented on PM Modi’s jibe at Rahul Gandhi and said that the Prime Minister is scared of support that Gandhi gets. Further adding, he said “…They discuss and think about Rahul Gandhi; this is the success of Rahul Gandhi… They have fear about the support that Rahul Gandhi gets… You had made a declaration about a Congress-free India… You saw the dream of Shiv Sena-free Maharashtra… Democracy cannot be sustained in a country by making it free from any political party.…”

While addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, Prime Minister said India now exports mobile phones worth 1 lakh crore, and added Congress leaders were afflicted with the “mental disease” of ignoring the country’s achievements. 

“A mahagyani (very wise man) of the Congress said yesterday that Indians only have made in China mobile. In which world the ‘moorkhon ke sardar’ lives?” Modi said without naming Gandhi. “I wonder what foreign glasses they are wearing that they are unable to see the country’s achievements,” he added.

Madhya Pradesh is set to undergo polls on November 17 to choose legislators for 230 Assembly constituencies while polling in all 200 assembly constituencies of Rajsthan will be held on November 25. 

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