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‘Cash-for-posting’ row: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah defends son, calls HD Kumaraswamy ‘an expert in…conspiracy theories’

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah hit out at former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy for levelling “cash-for-posting” allegations against his son on Saturday. He said the Janata Dal (Secular) (JDS) leader “is desperate for attention” and that he has “become an expert in coming up with conspiracy theories”.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Siddaramaiah clarified on a viral video of his son Yathindra Siddaramaiah and denied his involvement in the “cash-for-posting scam”. 

Taking potshots at Kumaraswamy for levelling such allegations, the CM said, “Looks like former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is desperate for attention. Medically it is termed as Histrionic Personality Disorder. Better to address it soon than never.”

What’s in the viral viral video and what did HD Kumaraswamy allege?

Sharing the viral video clip on social media, Kumaraswamy accused Yathindra of being involved in a “cash for posting scam”.

In the purported video Yathindra, a former Congress MLA, is heard saying, “Hello Appa (Father), Vivekananda! To where? No I didn’t give that. Give it (phone) to Mahadeva. I had given only five.” Then he speaks to Mahadeva, “Mahadeva, why are you giving something…? Who has given that? Nothing but whatever 4-5 I have given, that alone should be done,” news agency PTI reported.

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According to Kumaraswamy, Yathindra spoke to R Mahadeva, a sub-registrar at Ganganagar in Bengaluru, who has been appointed as the CM’s Officer on Special Duty R Mahadeva.

On Saturday, Kumaraswamy alleged that an official’s name mentioned in a phone conversation, reportedly between Siddaramaiah and his son, has figured in the transfer list of police inspectors released on the previous night.

Kumaraswamy sought to know how did Vivekananda, who figured in the phone conversation, appear in the transfer list within 48 hours of the charges he levelled.

The JD(S) leader even shared the transfer list issued by the police department on November 17. The order list comprising 13 names showed transfer of an official by name Vivekananda from state intelligence to VV Puram police station in Mysuru city.


Kumaraswamy said in a tweet, “This video clip is a proof that the job posting for money, ‘Cash for Posting’, scam has been going on in Karnataka. Congress’ recovery business has come to the fore. Do we need greater proof that Karnataka’s collection king father and son of Karnataka’s collection King have extorted money? The Chief Minister conducts a transfer business without shame.”

What Siddaramaiah said

Criticising HD Kumaraswamy for making up “conspiracy theories” on the video, Siddaramaiah clarified that the phone call he had with his son was about corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds and not ‘cash for transfer’ as alleged by Kumaraswamy.

The CM said his conversation with Yathindra Siddaramaiah was related to the development of government schools in Varuna Constituency.

“The document which was released was signed off by Mysuru Taluk BEO (Block Education Officer) Vivekananda. Conversation over the phone was about this Vivekananda who had signed off the list of schools for development,” the CM said.

However, he alleged that Kumaraswamy came up with the name of an officer by name Vivekananda in some transfer list.


Siddaramaiah accused Kumaraswamy of “trying to fabricate stories” with just the name of ‘Vivekananda’. He said, “Many people can have similar names. Former BJP MLA MP Kumaraswamy was sentenced in a cheque bounce case. Did we say it was HD Kumaraswamy? When Kumaraswamy ridiculed himself by calling ‘Yellidyappa Nikhil’, did everyone with the name Nikhil answered Kumaraswamy?”

Demanding an apology from the JD(S) leader, Siddaramaiah said, “There is still a chance for Kumaraswamy to accept his mistake and publicly apologise for his failed attempt. Instead of building up on lies, he should end it with an apology.”

“As a responsible political leader, one should present facts and not conspiracy theories…Instead of wasting time by threading fake narratives, he should talk to his alliance partners and ensure justice for Karnataka on various issues,” the Karnataka CM added.

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