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Kiss Nuka gives ownership rights of her latest song to fans via SongBits

Anushka Manchanda reinvents as Kiss Nuka

Anushka Manchanda reinvents as Kiss Nuka
| Photo Credit: Special arrangement

The phrase ‘believe in yourself’ may sound cliched but it resonates with her, says Kiss Nuka, the new avatar of Anushka Manchanda; she admits to having witnessed growth after she stopped looking for validation for her work. In the last two decades in the music industry, Anushka had worn many hats with elan along the journey with indie music, Bollywood playback, a VJ and audio-visual music producer.

She’s set to release her latest single ‘Fight’ in collaboration with Lebanon-based humanitarian organisation The Great Oven and UK-based music technology platform, SongBits.

She wrote ‘Fight’ over a decade ago to cope with the repercussions of her “growing awareness of the injustices she observed in the world”. Speaking over the phone from Mumbai she says, “I used to be quite angry at the world. Once you start paying attention to your surroundings there’s no stopping the info that comes your way, leaving you disturbed. My mum used to say ‘You cannot change things with anger, do it with love’. I used to write about heartbreaks but now there is a shift in my approach with an understanding that love can be received well when you stand up for what you believe in.”

Bits of song

Anushka is releasing ‘Fight’ via SongBits, the music platform launched by Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart, and Russell and Justin Sheffield of the Trident Studios heritage. Anushka is one of the first Indian indie artistes to do so and says she loves to take such chances. The innovative method will have fans receiving a share of her song’s streaming revenues every time it is streamed. Anushka says it’s her way of inspiring listeners to fight for their beliefs and offering them an opportunity to own ‘bits’ of ‘Fight’. Her part proceeds also go to The Great Oven, founded by James Thompson, whom she met at a fundraising festival called The Banquet in August last year in Spain. Impressed by the NGO’s belief in the power of food, art and music to transform lives, Anushka offered ‘Fight’ to raise awareness and funds for The Great Oven.

Directed and shot by London-based cinematographer Pep Bosch, ‘Fight’ was planned and shot within a week. The cover image has been shot by French photographer Aruallan.

Girl empowerment

The cover image shot by French photographer Aruallan

The cover image shot by French photographer Aruallan
| Photo Credit:
Special arrangement

For the uninitiated, Anushka was part of the all-girl pop band Viva formed in 2002; members were winners of a music reality show on Channel [V]. Fed on rock n roll as a staple and barely 18, Anushka embarked on a multifarious musical journey, with the least-expected stint happening in Bollywood. Despite success in indie universe and Hindi films, Anushka paused to question if that is what she wanted. “I started to look for something that’s mine. I looked for space to create where no one will tell me how it should look and sound, I needed to be free. One should stop listening to the outside sounds and start listening to your inner self. I truly believed in myself and the growth happened organically,” says Anushka.

Artiste as activist

She is also at the forefront of accentuating the interconnectivity of the environment, Nature, animals and human lifestyles through her works. “Apathy among humans is a concern. The privileged few need to be on the side of the oppressed and take responsibility for making the world a better place for future generations. We should realise that protecting animals, the environment and the lower strata communities are all connected. We cannot do right for one and ignore the other,” she says.

Anushka’s musical process has also given way to a new avatar as Kiss Nuka, an organic evolution of the musician. From a pop-melody diva to a powerful electronic dance music artiste, Kiss Nuka is a space for Anushka for a fresh start and explore a different approach and market.

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