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Ladies’ night out in Coimbatore: Free drinks and fun at Sherlock’s Lounge

Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen

Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“When does the ladies night start?” enquired a bevy of ladies, who were dressed to the nines and were ready to dance and party while Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ blasted from the speakers in Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen. 

The resto-bar was filled to the brim on a Wednesday as it hosted its Ladies Special Night. This special night promises unlimited cocktails to its female customers at no price. The special hours commence at 8 p.m. and end at closing time. 

As the evening escalated, the music played by the female DJ charged up the dance floor. The endless cocktails served to us blended contrasting flavours specially concocted by the bartenders. 

The Palnut Town is a perfect mix of fruity and nutty flavours. The pineapple and hazelnut complement the underlying base of smooth Whiskey. The Malai Broccoli, charred to a smoky flavour and dressed in creamy cheese, enhances the taste of the whiskey-based cocktail. 

For refreshing cocktail options, one can choose the Island Escape, a Tequila-based cocktail flavoured with watermelon and passion fruit, or a Cucumber G Let, a delicate mix of cucumber, gin, and elderflower. 

Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen

Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

The appetisers, slathered with authentic Indian flavours and prepared to perfection, were a great side dish with these drinks. The chicken banjara was tender and juicy, whereas the cocktail podi idlis wafted with the aroma of ghee. 

In more drinks choices, the menu serves a White Lady, which tastes like a chilled lemonade brimming with the citric tang of gin. For a steady buzz, you can opt for their Planter’s Punch, which has a base of dark rum and a strong pineapple zing. On the other hand, their Hangover IV, with both white and dark rum, lives up to its name. 

To amplify the lounge experience, Sherlock also offers a continental variety of food, such as fresh Greek salad and butter garlic prawns lying in a pool of cream. In Asian flavours, they serve spicy Korean chilli paneer. 

The ladies’ night ended with a mango cheesecake and fresh cream. They also serve dessert cocktails like the Koffee BonBon, made with vodka, vanilla ice cream, and a punch of espresso. 

Sherlock’s Lounge and Kitchen is a perfect mid-week getaway for the ladies. It offers complimentary unlimited cocktails, great music, and flavourful varieties of cuisine. 

Free drinks for women customers every Wednesday. ₹1000 for food per two persons. Sherlock’s Lounge is on the third Floor, Brookefields Mall, Coimbatore. Contact 083003 00771.

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