Thursday, June 20, 2024

NoCap Meta raises ₹2 crore

NoCap Meta, a web3 company that provides a range of services including blockchain based systems, metaverse development and asset backed tokens, said it had raised ₹2 crore from Sunicon Ventures to enhance growth in the metaverse and digital technology sectors.
The funds will be used to accelerate growth in the adoption of the metaverse and supplementary Web 3.0 technologies by helping conventional business migrate to these protocols as a part of their tech stack to increase transparency and efficiency, the company said.
CEO Aahan Dogra said the funding would enable the company to accelerate its growth. “NoCap Meta is at the forefront of this revolution, providing businesses of all sizes with the technology to stay ahead of the competition and create new growth opportunities,” he said. Saloni Jain, managing partner, Sunicon Ventures, said the company will be a pioneer in the metaverse tech space in the Asian market by addressing the current problems with their solutions.

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