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The largest gazebo at Coimbatore’s NNRC Retirement Community enters the Limca Book of Records

Award-winning gazebo at Siruvani

Award-winning gazebo at Siruvani
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“ In the US, people get married in a gazebo,” says Dhinakar Perumal, managing director, NNRC Retirement Community. Located at Theethipalayam, off Siruvani Road, at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the sprawling green campus has a gazebo with layered tile roofing which is open all around. This structure has been recognised by the Limca Book of Records as the largest gazebo in India. “I first heard the word ‘gazebo’ when I visited one in Boston Commons. There is something magical about this open space structure with a tapered roof. I always wanted to show my mom one. Unfortunately, she passed away, and when I started NNRC in her name, I thought it would be fitting to have a gazebo, so that all resident elders would enjoy it.”

Dhinakar applied for the Limca Book of Records in March 2021. After inspection (and measurements), the Limca Book of Records verified and confirmed that NNRC Retirement Community indeed has the largest gazebo in India. Architect Manikandan Elango describes gazebo as a space in a garden that is open on all sides. “Most private residences have a small gazebo for family members. But, the one at NNRC is of massive size and used as a common facility. It is spread over 2000 square feet, a clear hall with no vertical columns or pillars, and comes with additional perks such as beautiful views of the mountains and lush greenery, and bursts of bird song.”

The gazebo is spread over 2000 square feet

The gazebo is spread over 2000 square feet
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

It is designed with flying roof , where there are multiple levels of roofing at different elevations. “In most gazebos, the hot air stays on the top layer and the space tends to get hotter when there is a large crowd. Here, we have surfaces designed for the hot air to evaporate so that the temperature is always much cooler,” explains Manikandan. The space is also wheelchair friendly with skid-free ceramic flooring, and has built-in seating made with granite slabs on the edges.

Though designed as a space for yoga, art and music classes, pottery and as a meditation space for the senior citizens who reside at the property, it is also multi-purpose, and can be used for a golu display during Navrathri or for handicrafts workshops. Dhinakar says most residents socialise at the space in the evenings.

“It’s an intimate space where people can just sit and soak in the views all around,” adds Manikandan who has designed several award-winning green buildings and green villas over the last two decades.

The detailing of the massive gazebo lies in the roofing, he reiterates. “When we started work on the project, we wanted to focus on traditional structures like a tiled-roof thinnai for every property. Initially, we wanted to have an open hall, then we complicated it with tropical tiled roof, and here we are with an award.”

While the concept of gazebo in park is quiet common in the US, and around the world, Dhinakar decided to have one at the retirement community. “I wanted a bigger space for the benefit of large groups of senior citizens. We completed the construction in December 2019 and decked it up with a three-tier brass chandelier sourced from Rajasthan.”

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