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Goren Bridge: Double up – The Hindu

Double uppercut hands are not common in bridge. We saw this deal in an article by Andrew Robson, the great English player, and we wanted to share it with our readers. North was worried that his partner’s hand might be impossible to get to unless hearts were trumps, so he bid game in hearts rather than in no trump. The friendly lie of the cards — hearts 3-3 and the king of diamonds well placed — made it look like there was little difference between the two contracts.

West was Dutch star Jan Van Cleef, who found the diabolical lead of a low club away from his ace. South naturally played low, losing to East’s queen. East returned a club to Van Cleef’s ace and a third round of clubs was ruffed by East with the eight and over-ruffed by South with the queen. West’s 10 of trumps was thus promoted to a trick and the contract now had no chance on this lie of the cards.

South crossed to dummy with a diamond to the queen and led a heart back to his jack, losing to West’s king. A fourth round of clubs was ruffed by East with the nine of hearts and South had to over-ruff with the ace. West now had the 10-5 of hearts sitting over South’s 7-4-3 and could not be prevented from scoring a total of three trump tricks!

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