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Letters to The Editor — April 10, 2023

Fragile Opposition unity

NCP supremo Sharad Pawar’s defence of embattled industrialist Gautam Adani, and Mr. Pawar’s preference to have a probe by a Supreme Court -appointed committee to probe the allegations against the business group will be music to the ears of the businessman and the government. While Mr. Pawar still emphasises the need for Opposition unity to take on the BJP in 2024 , it is doubtful whether genuine unity is possible with his open dissent with the Opposition on an issue that rocked the second leg of Parliament’s Budget session.

S.K. Choudhury,


The Opposition in India is facing an emergency situation, politically. Not a single party is in a position to give a tough fight to the formidable ruling party. The general election is just a year away. If there is no unity, the Opposition should get ready to give a standing ovation to the BJP.

Dr. D.V.G.Sankararao,

Nellimarla, Andhra Pradesh

NCERT revisions

There was a time when NCERT textbooks in all subjects had great repute among the teaching and student communities for their exhaustive and credible coverage of lessons (Page 1, April 9). That these books are now in the eye of controversy for being tweaked for possible political reasons is unfortunate. Rewriting history or blacking out the facts that fly in the face of dominant political narratives is futile.

S. Sanjeevi Rao,


Revisions of textbooks are done periodically only to update their contents and the syllabus. But a ‘deliberate attempt’ on the part of the NCERT to delete some portions of its textbooks based on the alleged whims and fancies of the ruling dispensation will only weaken the diverse social fabric.

The Mughal period in Indian history is a fact and students learning about the past must know this. How does this affect the ruling dispensation? Trying to rewrite history is a cheap political gimmick.

Kamil S.V.,

Androth island, Lakshadweep

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