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Letters to The Editor — April 13, 2023

Bill cleared

Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi ‘rushing’ to give his assent to the Tamil Nadu online gambling prohibition Bill must be viewed in the light of his recent remark: ‘If the Governor withholds nod, it means Bill is dead’. One wonders whether it was the result of the strong resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly urging the President and the government to make things clear to the Governor. The Governor must act according to the tenets of the Constitution and approve Bills on time without giving room for one to believe that they are acting against the interests of non-BJP ruled States, for obvious reasons.

Tharcius S. Fernando,


Police ‘excesses’

There seems to be a slowdown as far as justice is concerned in the case of alleged police excesses and custodial torture in Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu (Inside pages, “FIR yet to be filed against Balveer Singh because Chief Minister is under pressure from the police: Balakrishnan”, April 12). It is surprising and, at the same time, difficult to believe that the Chief Minister is “under pressure”. There has to be justice in what are alleged to be abhorrent acts. The Chief Minister should act and ensure that there is no slack in all steps needed.

Mani Nataraajan,


RSS route marches

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh may have won a judicial victory for its planned marches in Tamil Nadu, but it comes at great cost. While the RSS, as an organisation, has the constitutional right to parade in a peaceful manner, its reactionary doctrines are far removed from benevolence. These types of marches are never unifying, but further widen existing divisions and are nothing but triumphalist excursions to impose their will on sections of the population that are unwilling to accept them. It is also useful to recall the triumphalist “Protestant Orange Order” marches through many sensitive Catholic neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland, that still continues to manifest itself as a form of political deadlock even to the present day. In short, all sectarian marches extolling one’s supremacy over other contending beliefs are pure propaganda, and are a toxic wedge that separates us even further.

G. Parameswaran,


Ulsoor Bazaar post office

The innovative move to come up with a 3D printed post office in Cambridge Layout, Bengaluru, the first in the country, will not only boost the image of India Post but will also serve as a prestigious landmark in the Garden City of India. (April 11). The Indian postal service has lived through many changes. As the backbone of the nation’s communication network, it occupies a special place in the hearts of millions. The 3D printed post office is another feather in the cap of India Post.

R. Sivakumar,


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