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Letters to The Editor — April 4, 2023

Stop the vigilantism

No words are sufficient to condemn the gruesome murder of a cattle van driver, in Karnataka on Saturday (Page 1, April 3). A growing pattern of pre-meditated and well-orchestrated attacks by antisocials masquerading as moral and cultural vigilantes, is disturbing. What is prevalent in north India is beginning to find its roots in the south, which has to be stopped. What makes the issue even more grave is the audacity with which the perpetrators committed the crime, which shows their scant regard for the law of the land and an intent to disrupt social harmony. As with hate speeches, the top court needs to step in and send out a strong message. Well-coordinated efforts between the Central and State governments, together with punitive measures, are a must.

B. Suresh Kumar,


Stand of faith leaders

Religious leaders are sadly showing themselves to be out of step with reality regarding marriage as a whole, stating that it is “for procreation, not recreation” (Page 1, April 4). There are many people today who marry for companionship, and with no desire to have children. There is no argument to treat same-sex couples differently from heterosexual couples (who may also have fertility issues), unless one views LGBTQIA+ Indians to be second-class citizens.

Ashutosh Shankar,


Every religion recognises marriage to be a sacred institution and has a tome of specific religious rites and ceremonies and legal procedures to solemnise marriage. The universally acknowledged basic feature of the concept of marriage is the union of people of opposite gender. It is no wonder that faith leaders have joined hands to petition the Supreme Court of India. Hopefully, the Court will realise that marriage is not a subject to tinker with.

Ravi Mathur,

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Trains for migrant labour

A number of media channels have reported how north Indian migrant labourers, especially travelling to northeast India, are often seen occupying reserved train compartments, causing great inconvenience to passengers with reserved seats. Migrant labourers travel like cattle. I have seen this while travelling on the Coimbatore-Chennai sector, on northeast-bound trains. One can also find this on such trains originating from Bengaluru. Unfortunately, the Indian Railways have not bothered to find a solution. Most long-distance trains bound for the northeastern States originate in Kerala and Bengaluru. With a huge population of migrant labourers and their families taking up permanent employment in Tiruppur, Coimbatore and Bengaluru, the Railways ought to introduce special trains to make travel easier for these labourers. All they need are ordinary sleeper trains, and not Vande Bharat and Bullet trains.

C.T. Jagadeesan,


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