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Letters to The Editor — April 5, 2023

China’s ‘renaming’ move

In an effort to bolster its claim to India’s Arunachal Pradesh, China’s repeated game of ‘renaming’ places in the northeastern State has begun (Page 1, “China reveals plan to ‘rename’ 11 places in Arunachal Pradesh, April 4). India’s External Affairs Ministry should emphasise the point that it is undeterred by such moves and that Arunachal Pradesh will always be an integral part of India.

Vijaykumar H.K.,

Raichur, Karnataka

The report is a disturbing development and shows how China’s machinations are constantly at work amidst all the big talk of peace on the border. Such a move will definitely go against the spirit of friendly bilateral ties, and, instead, only heighten tensions on both sides.

There have been many meetings that have been held between the two countries for peace to prevail on the Line of Actual Control, but China’s intention to maintain the status quo of an uneasy calm in the areas close to the border is palpable.

Prabhu Raj R.,


It is clear that China is intent on causing trouble for all its neighbours. This needs to be stopped. It shows the arrogance of China to try and enlarge its territory.

Sravana Ramachandran,


Stop this contagion

In a functional democracy, what is the point in allowing groups of self-appointed people to carry out “cow vigilantism” and deliver ‘mob justice’? The gruesome track record of “cow vigilantism” must be sufficient to morally stigmatise, legally criminalise and socially annihilate this activity. But it seems that “cow vigilantes” are being glorified overtly and covertly in parts of the country and in some social media channels. It is anybody’s guess which political party is behind this type of veneration. It remains to be seen how Karnataka will react, electorally and otherwise, to the spread of the contagion of “cow vigilantism” to the south.

A. Venkatasubramanian,

Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu

Salim Durrani

With the passing of Salim Durrani, the cricketing world has lost one of its most charismatic players. He was flamboyant, fearless and a crowd puller. He would have easily fit the bill in today’s shorter formats with his all-round ability (‘Sport’ page, “Debonair Durrani, star of yesteryear, passes away”, April 3).

A.V. Narayanan,

Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu

With cricket having become a money-spinner, Salim Durrani is sure to have been the prized player in the IPL auction had he been a player in this era. His stylish “sixers at ease” and swift left hand bowling won him fame in an age where there was hardly much television.

B. Gurumurthy,


Salim Durrani represented an age where without the publicity, players quietly contributed their lot to Indian cricket.

R. Sekar,


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