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NRL’s bio-refinery with bamboo as feedstock may go on stream in 2023 

The bio-refinery with bamboo biomass as feedstock, being implemented by Numaligarh Refinery (NRL) in partnership with two European firms, is expected to be commissioned by 2023.

On commissioning, the joint venture would produce 49,000 tonnes of ethanol and other chemicals thus contributing to India’s objective of achieving 20% ethanol blending in petrol by 2025.

The government said this on Monday in a release on the best-ever crude throughput of 3.093 million tonnes NRL reported as well as distillate yield of 87.6% in 2022-23. The 3-MT refinery concluded the financial year “on a positive note with exemplary physical performance which is expected to translate into financial gains and enhanced bottom lines,” it said.

NRL is also pursuing capacity expansion, from 3 million tonnes to 9 million tonnes, which also includes setting up a crude oil import terminal in Paradip port, Odisha and laying a 1,640 km pipeline from Paradip to Numaligarh. Total capital expenditure of the refiner in 2022-23 was ₹6,615 crore, the highest to date and surpassed the previous record of ₹3,605 crore in 2021-22.

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