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‘You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist’: Elliot Page recalls encounter with homophobic actor

Academy Award-nominated Elliot Page has recalled a shocking encounter with a homophobic actor in his forthcoming memoir, Pageboy. Page, known for films like Juno and Inception and the streaming series The Umbrella Academy, publically came out as gay in 2014. He announced he was trans in 2020.

According to an interview in People Magazine, Page was verbally assaulted by a top-rated actor at a birthday party in Los Angeles.

The publication, citing the memoir, wrote, “In a chapter titled “Famous A–hole at Party,” Page describes being at a birthday party in Los Angeles in 2014. An actor, whom Page describes as an “acquaintance,” told Page that “you aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men.” He then told Page: “I’m going to f—k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.” They saw each other at the gym a few days later. The actor said, “I don’t have a problem with gay people I swear.”

Page told People Magazine he has had similar experiences throughout his life. “I put that story in the book because it’s about highlighting the reality, the s–t we deal with and what gets sent to us constantly, particularly in environments that are predominantly cis and heterosexual.”

“[In Hollywood] these are very powerful people. They’re the ones choosing what stories are being told and creating content for people to see all around the world,” Page added.

While refraining from disclosing the actor’s name, Page said many people at the party noticed and heard what happened. “But he will hear about this and know it’s him,” Page said.

In the memoir, Page has also written about a secret romance with Kate Mara, who was dating actor Max Minghella at the time.

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